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The Star and Saturday Star are digital edition replicas of the print newspapers available on your computer and/or mobile devices. The interactive editions is the most convenient, complete and cost-effective way to read your favourite newspapers. With a subscription, you will benefit from a simple user interface and the latest digital tools, specially designed to offer you an enhanced reading experience.


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12 Months Saturday Only (auto-renewed)R 325.0052 days
1 Month Monday - Saturday (auto-renewed)R 95.0024 days
3 Months Monday - Saturday (auto-renewed)R 308.7572 days
6 Months Monday - Saturday (auto-renewed)R 617.50144 days
12 Months Monday - Saturday (auto-renewed)R 1235.00288 days

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Our newspapers are full of interactive features to engage and delight news lovers. The E-dition will enhance your reading and sharing experience.


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About Us

Independent Media is one of South Africa’s leading multi-platform content companies. Our stable of fine, quality publications include 20 of the country’s most prominent newspapers. The Star is South Africa’s most influential daily newspaper, covering the heart of the nation with unequaled reporting of local, national and international news and sport.

Independent Online, popularly known as IOL, is Independent’s current digital offering, and brings millions of readers breaking news as events happen in the country and around the world. With a growing daily unique online audience, iol.co.za is one of the largest news and information websites in South Africa.

Independent Media’s established loyal base, is due to its uncompromising approach to delivering fresh, original content to its audiences, with the aid of cutting edge journalism from South Africa’s most talented news staff. People trust our brands. With diversity being our key objective, we offer news and information suited for every South African.

Independent Media is geared for growth. With the adoption of best global practice, investment in state-of-the art technology and the employment of highly skilled individuals, the company aims to become the leading content provider across media platforms in Africa.