The Star Early Edition - 2021-11-25


Keep smiling and you will live a longer life



A LOT has been written about healthy eating and regular exercise as the solution to living a long life. I want to quote some hilarious answers given by a Chinese doctor on this important issue. Want to live longer? “Take a nap. A rabbit is always jumping up and down, but only lives for two years. A turtle that doesn’t exercise at all lives for 400 years.” Cardiovascular exercise? “Heart is only good for so many beats. Everything wear out eventually. You don’t extend the life of a car by driving faster”. Chocolate? “Cocoa bean. Another vegetable. It’s best feel-good food around.” On drinking wine: “Wine made from fruit. Fruit very good. Bottoms up!” A last suggestion for us old codgers (80-plus). After moving from point A to B, take at least a 10-minute break before moving on to point C. It’s called “conserving energy”.


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