The Star Early Edition - 2021-11-25


The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Sandton was brazenly robbed earlier this week. Twitter reacted:


@SunflowerSrina I am terrified for those animals. I have heard that dog-napping brings in a lot of money. But they are either stealing the cats and dogs or someone knows that something was kept at the SPCA. This is a new low for South Africa. Crime at its peak. @Dman_zn Nothing is safe in Mzansi. They robbed the SANDF, Hawks, SAPS, SANBS, and we all know what happens to cash in transit vehicles on a daily basis. Now they have even robbed the SPCA, what is next? They going to rob the sperm bank? @S_p_i_k_e_s What kind of special type of scum robs an SPCA. I hope you get hunted and torn apart by hell hounds every day in the afterlife. @Lollie_Majesty Imagine you leave your dog at the SPCA for them to look after it while you are away and you come back to pick it up and you are told your dog was taken during a robbery. @sarashni Signs of desperate times. How desperate must you be to rob the SPCA? More side effects of our rubbish economic policies. @PRDBYJNR These dudes are robbing the SPCA having kids is now truly the last thing on my mind. @Raphaell_Ranx Robbery at a police stations, malls and now even SPCA? What is the next robbery at? The cemetery? Wow South Africa is hell. @kevynlottering South Africa will never cease to amaze me. Its an actual movie. First you guys rob a police station, lock the cops in the vans, from there they rob a garage and now they robbed the SPCA. What is going on in South Africa? @_KatlegoSemusa So they have resorted to robbing SPCA now. Is there anything in this country that is not worth robbing or stealing? Scratch that, I want you to go rob load-shedding from Eskom. We will all benefit as a country. @cignano_ At this point the robbery announcements are coming like a list of high performers for school at a end of year award ceremony. It’s like him, and him, and her and her too.


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